Ciao, I am Enrica!

I was born in Sardinia, Italy. I got my first camera when I was six years old and since that day my way of seeing the world has changed to 4: 3 and later to 16: 9!

I have been living in San Francisco for 7 years and I love the people and the vibe that is breathed in this wonderful city. I am a professional videographer and photographer, and I love traveling for work, interviewing people and taking magical moments.

When I was 17, I flew to New York for my first international-related work. Later, I moved to Venice to attend University. Those five years were an important part of my professional formation, as I studied the history of cinema and did a lot of practice while working in cinematic workshops. During those years of studying at the university, I collaborated on important projects and did short movies.

I spent my twenties between Rome and Venice. In Rome, I received my Masters Degree in Audio and Video Editing and worked with Director Michael Margotta for the creation of feature films. In Venice, I received another Masters Degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy, and I worked at SHADO.TV, a marketing company, producing web series and videos for big Italian brands.

I have always been an advocate of gender equality. I believe that my daughter has the right to live in a world where men and women have the same rights. To support the cause, I joined the UN Women San Francisco Chapter, and I did videos of their events: HeforShe and the Global Voices Film Festival.

At the beginning of 2017, I started to work on another documentary: Future Food Global Mission, a world tour in 60 days to discover the food of the future in collaboration with the Reggio Emilia Institute. The mission of the project is to tell the new technologies in the food industry and the problems of food waste. We’ve done more than 200 interviews in 10 countries.